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  • White
  • Beige
  • Warm/Nature
  • Grey
  • Black
  • Vibrant & Brights
  • Movement Series - Marble Collection
  • Movement Series - Concrete Collection
  • Solid
  • Mist
  • X Series
  • Stone
  • Granite
  • Boulder
  • Breccia
  • 6mm (1/4")
  • Ice (Translucent)


Movement Series - Marble Collection

Mt. Cremo Carrara | Movement Series - Marble Collection | M009 | Colors & Patterns | Meganite

Mt. Cremo Carrara

M009 Jumbo Size Available
Mt. Carrara | Movement Series - Marble Collection | M007 | Colors & Patterns | Meganite

Mt. Carrara

M007 Jumbo Size Available


Movement Series - Concrete Collection

1.- Standard Sheet Size:

  • 1/2"(12 mm) thick materials are 30" wide x 144" long(760 mm x 3660mm)
  • 1/4"(6 mm) thick materials are 36" wide x 96" long(915 mm x 2440mm)

2.- Electronic photos of MEGANITE color samples can look different from device to device and different from actual color samples.

3.- Visual Inspection and approval of actual color samples must be done prior to device and different from actual color samples.

4.- Darker colors tend to require more attention than lighter colors. Your designer or fabricator can offer suggestions regarding color selection. Dark colors are not suitable for all applications as normal usage will show signs of wear and will require more maintenance.