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Why do Architects & Designers prefer Meganite?

Stylish, functional, professional-grade surfaces fit for any budget, delivered on time.

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Timely, accurate delivery of surfaces with Meganite’s ISO 9001-certified production facilities
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Professional-grade options priced up to 40% lower than competitors
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Custom Colors

Design the right color and product for you with Meganite’s dedicated Custom Solutions team

Created Over 1,000 Colors Since 1976

Browse our solid surfaces for kitchen, bath and more of your projects.

Magazine-Worthy Rooms Made Simple

Modern, luxurious, innovative spaces without the hefty price tag. Meganite also offers integrated sinks, coved splash, and unlimited edge profiles.


Contemporary kitchens


Translucent Backlighting


Luxurious and Resilient


Beautifully Fabricated Countertops


Contemporary designs

M007_Bathroom Countertop

Vanity Top


Elegant Bath Vanities


Seamless Backsplash Transitions


Premium Countertops


Custom Formed Staircases


Living Room Accents


Innovative Sink

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