Achieve a Super-Sized Kitchen Island with New Meganite Jumbo Slabs

April 2019

Meganite Jumbo Size slabs measure a massive 48” X 144” X ½” (1220 X 3660 X 12mm).

These solid surface slabs can create a maximized kitchen island with no or minimal seaming.

Why Choose Jumbo Size?

  • Minimal Seaming
  • Less Waste
  • Reduced Labor Time
  • Better Project Yield

M007 Mt. Carrara and M009 Mt. Cremo Carrara are now available in Jumbo Size. Other Jumbo Size slabs available by design.

M007 Carrara Jumbo Slab | News | Meganite

M007 Mt. Carrara

M007 Carrara Jumbo Slab | News | Meganite