The Complete Movement Series

8 Break-Through Colors:
5 Marble & 3 Concrete Designs

Winner of the Good Design Award 2017, the Movement Series offers marble and all new concrete solid surface designs to heighten the elegance and luxury of any space.

M002 Mt. Vancouver

Black is Back. Grand and proud, Mt. Vancouver is a bold modernist ebony black with a crisp wispy light grey pattern. Mt. Vancouver is the pointed, memorable focal point to a confident interior.

M005 Mt. Jade

Tailored and dapper. Mt. Jade is a modernist white featuring soft suede textures and etheral, feathery white markings. A perfect complement for historic and urban spaces.

M007 Mt. Carrara

The essence of European modern classic, Mt. Carrara encapsulates high fashion furniture and interior design. Always timeless, Mt. Carrara is the Milan touch to any cosmopolitan room.

M009 Mt. Cremo Carrara

(NEW) Soft free-flowing yet consistent veins on a saturated white background that is embodied with subtle deep brown veins breathing across the surface.

M020 Mt. Grigio

(new) Elegant and flowing, characterized by its dramatic swathes of white veins against calm grey which give it a striking and austere beauty.

M021 Shadow Concrete

(NEW) An understated soft grey pattern evoking a gentle warmth. Contrasting veins and particles sweep across the surface, providing a welcoming and traditional aesthetic.

M022 Taupe Concrete

(NEW) Bold and straightforward, this design is a balance of a strong exterior and soft center, with neutral colors perfectly matched with one another.

M023 Charcoal Concrete

(NEW) This dark and rich pattern delivers drama and flair, interspersed with a cool palette of fine particles to deliver a bold, modernist look.

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