The Movement Series: 5 NEW COLORS

Standard Sheet Order Available after 1 October 2018

Marble Collection

Design inspired by luxurious natural stone, this industry breakthrough marble collection is elevated above other colors because of the diverse aesthetic appeal, highlighted by distinct veining running through each slab, that offers a sophisticated look and artistry that makes them a classic choice for centuries.

M009 Mt. Cremo Carrara

Soft free-flowing yet consistent veins on a saturated white background that is embodied with subtle deep brown veins breathing across the surface.

M020 Mt. Grigio

Elegant and flowing, characterized by its dramatic swathes of white veins against calm grey which give it a striking and austere beauty.

Concrete Collection

Embodying the rough and strong look of concrete, the new colors maintain a subtle beauty which celebrates the fundamentals of good design: powerful aesthetics and bountiful possibilities for all spaces. Presented through different shades of grey ranging from gentle and warm grey to dramatic and dusky near-black tones. Monochromatic veins and fine particles breathe across the surface, creating a lavish and energetic look with a refined touch.