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80 Percent of Infections Spread by Hands

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Infectious disease continues to exert a heavy burden on health and prosperity.

Although the majority of deaths occur in the developing world, infectious disease still causes around 4% of deaths in developed countries and is a significant cause of morbidity.

Social, demographic and other changes mean that the importance of hygiene in home and everyday life is increasing rather than decreasing.

How Can AcryMed Improve Hygiene in Your Home?

Fighting against product damaging microbes using antimicrobial surfaces within your bath products can help to slow product deterioration, limit stains and fight against odor-causing microbes.

This helps to keep bathroom surfaces fresher and cleaner for longer.


Why Choose AcryMed To Help With Your Daily Health?

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AcryMed Disclaimer:

Tested 99.9%* effective against Meganite selected bacteria in accordance with ISO 22196 and JIS Z 2801 testing standards. Results may vary when tested on different organisms or bacteria. The AcryMed technology protects the product itself against stain and odor-causing bacteria. AcryMed does not protect users or other beings from disease-causing bacteria.

AcryMed does not have anti-viral properties and cannot replace any cleaning process. Please contact your local authority/government regarding virus cleaning recommendations.