Infusing vibrant vitality to public washroom for Asia renowned department store

Delivers Functional and Aesthetic Need for a More Hygienic Space

Driving away from the usual classic design, the newly opened department store created a diverse and dramatic atmosphere.

The designer pairs contrasting colors for each floor to go with their concrete-inspired flooring and walls. The aesthetic delivers an energetic and vibrant atmosphere to the space. Meganite’s wide range of color selections were made possible to fulfil the bold and dramatic design needs.

Versatility and Cleanliness for the Visitors

In the wet and high-traffic washroom space, bacteria and mildew are prone to grow. Visitors often worry about the cleanliness of the surface they get in contact with.

Meganite solid surface was selected for its exceptional versatility, non-porous, ease of cleaning and maintenance, due to the high degree of use to which the space would be exposed. The seamless vanity joints limits bacteria and mildew growth when water spills are inevitable in these areas.

The material can be kept hygienic through constant cleaning. The overall cleanliness and hygiene can be improved in this space.

Color Used: