As with change of the time and integration of design inspiration, solid surface is no longer simply used as a material for countertops, but instead, through its material versatility, the designer played around with their design imagination. Thanks to Meganite’s translucent series, the designer created backlit environments, that took the limelight of the entire space.

Cinema Café in Virginia, a one-stop movie theater and restaurant offering an exquisite dining and entertainment environment, has choose Meganite solid surface for a new transformation for their dining bar and cashier area.

Turn Your Creative Spark into Reality

Meganite offers more than just aesthetic looks, but also provides hygienic and durable surfacing solution for your space. Like all solid surface requirement, the seamless and nonporous surface improves daily maintenance for such high traffic area, but the translucent material achieves the wide variety of lighting affect a cinematic-entertainment space requires. With the combination of different lighting colors and thickness of the translucent surface, attaining a decorative design is no longer impossible.

Color Used:

Translucent Blue Ice 913B

Photo Credit:

Cinema Café, Virginia