Easy-match with other materials

Easy-match with other materials

Van den Hoven Yacht building has delivered another magnificent ship with the Executive 1700 Mk2. The Dutch builder specializes in custom built vessels from 15 to 24 meters that are finished on the outside and on the inside with an eye for detail. Michelle van den Hoven: "It's all manual work. That's why we chose Meganite and HPL for the interior. These materials are not only beautiful, they are also very easy to process."

Van den Hoven Jachtbouw is a real family business. Father Bart is the driving force, his wife takes care of the administration and his son and daughter are now also active within the company. Michelle van den Hoven: "My father was always busy with boats and at one point he went full for it. He was previously a master carpenter in construction and his experience with interior design can be seen in the craftsmanship with which we build our yachts. It's really tailor-made."

We Choose Meganite – For Aesthetic and Practical Application

When we start working on behalf of a customer, it determines what materials we use. We advise, of course, but the final choice lies with the future owner of the ship. Three years ago a customer had already chosen Meganite and we liked that very much. It is a beautiful material, clean, hygienic and easy to process. We can do anything with it. Very different from, for example, granite. We sometimes use this for kitchens, toilets and bathrooms. But that is both more expensive and we have to have it made as a mould first.

Meganite's Advantage Solid Surface

- Easily be used in a variety of spaces where both the design and hygiene aspect are important.

- The surface is durable, non-porous, easy to maintain and they are seamless to process.

- Non-porous characteristics of solid surface limits stains and mildew growth, thus ease the cleaning maintenance.

- Light-weight.

Color Used:

033A Snow White

Yacht builder:

Van den Hoven Jachtbouw, Netherlands