Everyday Essentials for Your Bathroom

Design is always evolving, but timeless design stays

Timeless and elegant, the marble-inspired veining design is one of many designers’ favorites for modern and contemporary interiors. Bringing the neutral marble design elements into the bathroom space, it creates a sophisticated yet calming feeling.

Timeless piece without sacrificing functionality

Combining innovation in aesthetics and great functionality - Mt. Carrara was used to create an eye-catching, hygienic and easy to clean vanity. Seamlessly integrated with thermoformed sinks, the vanity was functionality was enhanced with solid surface drawers. The timeless piece created a uniformed and seamless marble-vein sweeping throughout.

All the requirements of cleanability and hygiene have been met with Meganite’s nonporous and seamless properties to limit the growth of bacteria and also stain resistant.

Designers now have a better option for marble-inspired surfacing material that meets the fundamental requirement for a bathroom - Hygienic, Easy to Maintain and Durable.

Color Used:

M007 Mt. Carrara

Project By: