High-end Villa Remodeling

Unlimited Design Possibilities Made Possible with Marble-Inspired Solid Surface Design

Structure and contrast makes simple space dynamic. The designer was extensively used in the kitchen by expanding the application from countertops, wall cladding and window sills.

With the attributes of Meganite’s high performance solid surface advantages, the below functionality can be achieved:

  • Certified with NSF/ANSI 51: The surfacing material is safe for food which makes homeowners feel at ease when preparing for their meals. Thus, it is one of the most desirable material to choose for kitchen countertops
  • Easy to clean: The nonporous advantage helps prevent food and drink stains. Homeowner can easily maintain the cleanliness of the surface.
  • Hygienic: Seamless joints limits bacteria and mildew growth especially in wet areas near the sinks when water spills happens.
  • Aesthetic Look: Marble inspired veins delivers a elegant yet luxury atmosphere for the

Color Used: