Modernize the workplace with advanced dark color surfacing technology - X series

To meet the requirements of functionality and aesthetics, the designer of this state-owned enterprise chose Meganite’s new X series as the material for dark surfaces in high traffic area.

Solutions to Dark Surfaces

Often, designers would avoid choosing dark-colored solid surface due to its high tendency of visible scratches. However, Meganite’s X Series technology can significantly reduce the visibility of scratches. Sanding time can be reduced to achieve your desired finish.

Choosing the right material for your workplace: Clean, Hygienic and Easy to Maintain

In working environments, maintaining the utmost hygiene standard and reducing the risk of bacterial growth is crucial. There is always an on-going flow of visitors and co-workers that will gather in this high traffic environment.

How can we meet the hygiene demands?

Meganite's solid surface advantages meets the most demanding needs because it is:

• Non-porous
• Seamless
• Hygienic
• Ease to clean and maintain
• Easy to repair and renewable, which save intangible maintenance costs in the long run

Not only do we create a trendy and chic working environment, we also meet the utmost hygienic demands for co-workers and visitors.

Color Used:

019X Dark Jet Black