One of AIA Excellence Award winning project – CVG Architects Firm

Aesthetics and functionality are always the key elements for commercial design, especially for an award-winning architecture firm. One of the AIA Excellence Award winning project, CVG Architects, chose Meganite as the surfacing material for their material library, where architects and designers are spending most of their time there while sourcing for design inspirations.

Functionality Beyond Classic

Being the center piece of the firm, the material library is often the key-to-go place for everyone. Highly exposed to bacteria, knocks and spills, Meganite provides top quality design beyond functionality and aesthetic. The installations are durable thanks to the non-porous properties of Meganite, allowing the surface to be easy to clean and sanitize. Meganite contributed by helping to achieve the necessary high standard of hygiene and durability to the space.

Great durability for our office with 8 years under its belt and still looking like new!

CVG Architects

Color Used:

780A Aspen Granite

033A Snow White


CVG Architects

Photo Credit:

Tony Soluri