A Powerful Pair That Makes A Statement To Any Space

IDA CONFERENCE CENTER – One of the busiest conference centers in Copenhagen, Denmark that hosted guests from around the world was ready for a new look for their front reception.

Minimal Yet Sleek

The black-and-light look is a true classic in interior design; although firmly established, it never ceases to be up-to-date. Designers often exploit the oppositeness of these color hues, resulting in spaces with an almost breathtaking atmosphere of irresistible beauty.

Do Not Fear Dark Countertops

Designers often avoid dark surface when designing their spaces because of the visible scratches.

X Series – an enhanced collection of dark colors that reduces the scratch visibility was chosen to replace the normal dark solid surface to achieve the desire design.

Beauty Meets Durability

Meganite solid surface excel in high traffic areas because they are durable enough to withstand the large number of guests the come in and out everyday while maintaining their beautiful look. With the nonporous advantage, Meganite solid surface meets the high hygiene standard to withstand stains and bacteria that were often accumulated on the reception countertop over time.

Color Used:

019X Jet Black

903A Barneys Rubble

Project By: