Simple Living Brimming with Style

Known as "the master of sourcing new materials", designer Paige Poupart explored Meganite solid surface in various spaces when remodeling the residential space. She added focal points and pops of colors with décor, to streamline the overall design of the space.

A Natural Light Boost

Maximizing natural light, the designer took advantage of bright and natural colors to bring the nature outdoor feeling into the indoor space. With the contrasting veins and particles sweeping across the surface, it provides a welcoming aesthetic that echoes with the nature lights penetrating into the space.

Bathroom Solutions with Strong Personality

Thanks to the non-porous nature of Meganite and fabrication without seamless joints, the bathroom can be easily cleaned and sanitized, contributing to the hygiene of overall interior environments.  

Color Used:

M021 Shadow Concrete


Paige Poupart